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A World Leader in Wire and Cable Technology

In this extraordinary era of technological advance, daily innovations are creating new and exciting opportunities for brave solutions to energy and communications challenges. As a world leader in wire and cable technology and manufacturing with a global One Company vision, General Cable's superior products and services are meeting the ever-changing needs of our diverse range of customers everywhere, every day.

General Cable develops, designs, manufactures, markets and distributes copper, aluminium and fibre optic cables and wires for the energy, industrial, speciality and communication markets. These are products that represent a critical link in ensuring homes, businesses, cities and continents are connected.

Drawing from a century's experience and technical specialisation, General Cable provides solutions for the commercial, electric utility, telecommunications, OEM, military/government, retail, electrical and communications sectors.  As increasing demand for energy based on coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, wind or water is accelerating, General Cable is recognised as a vital contributor to development success in virtually every region of the world.  Each day we are building business momentum, developing ideas for innovative solutions and industry-leading products, and furthering our investment in a highly capable team, lean manufacturing, material science and technology resources.

By striving for continuous improvement and adhering to the philosophy that drives every facet of our operations, we can continue to meet the demands of innovation and ensure customers from New York to New South Wales enjoy the benefits of a competitive edge.

General Cable Corporation has announced that its remaining offices in Australia will close on 25th  November 2016 , with ongoing sales in this market to be managed from the company’s regional headquarters in New Zealand.
General Cable Corporation has announced that it will close its operations in Australia over the remainder of 2016, and manage ongoing sales in this market from its regional headquarters in New Zealand.
General Cable is pleased to announce the appointment of David Peterson to the role of Managing Director Oceania.
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