General Cable have been manufacturing Flat and Circular TPS for over 3 decades. These products are offered to AS/NZS 5000.2 (450/750) or the more robust construction of AS/NZS 5000.1 rated at 600/1000V.

TPS or tough plastic sheathed cables can be split into two categories.

Flat TPS trades some of the toughness for an easi peel sheath and is commonly used for the fixed wiring of domestic and industrial lighting, power outlets, and heating.

Circular TPS retains the tough plastic sheath and is more commonly used for commercial and industrial wiring to motors, heating, and lighting, and areas where glanding is required.


Conductors consist of plain annealed copper. 


Cables should never be bent to a small radius. The prescribed minimums on the following datasheets should be considered the exception rather than the rule and the actual bending radius the largest which circumstances will permit. A cable must also not be laid or otherwise bent when it is at such a low temperature that damage might be caused to the insulation or serving. Where environmental conditions are at or below 
0°C, cable drums will require heating, or drums stored on a site with a higher ambient temperature, and moved and installed as quickly as possible before significant cooling can take place.

Cables can be pulled into position by hand, cable stocking or conductor hauling eye but for high pulling tensions a hauling eye is preferred to avoid stretching of the outer layer. 

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